Take Control of Your Health in a Paid Vitiligo Clinical Trial

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Receive diagnosis and study-related advanced medication
 by a board-certified dermatologist. 

Here is a great opportunity to find exciting new treatments for your troubling skin condition. Cahaba Clinical Research is now conducting clinical trials that pay volunteers generous compensation! Join one of these paid studies, and get access to promising new medications created to treat vitiligo and other serious skin disorders.

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Access New Medications

Study volunteers enjoy fast track to the latest treatments.

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Share Promising Cures

Breakthrough studies bring healing products quickly to market.                 

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Advance Good Science

Medical innovation finds a space to grow and flourish.

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More Than a Study, It’s a Path to Better Health

When you join our FDA-governed vitiligo clinical study, you cut through all of the red tape and avoid potential high costs for medications crucial to your better health. Look at all of the great benefits this study offers to you!


  • Free medical consultation and health exam
  • Free lab tests
  • Free groundbreaking medications
  • Free transportation or travel reimbursement
  • Generous monetary compensation
  • All safety protocols rigorously followed
  • Full HIPAA-compliant privacy guaranteed

Signing Up Is Fast and Simple

We have greatly simplified the process for joining one of these important study groups. In fact, it’s as simple as 1-2-3-4.

1. Submission Form

This short form contains just a few elementary questions that we ask you to answer.

2. Phone Pre-Qualification

One of our recruiting specialists will call and conduct a brief interview about your health.

3. Office Appointment

Scheduled at your convenience, this visit will enable us to make a final determination about your eligibility.

4. Study Group Begins

Qualifying applicants will participate in a vital clinical trial, featuring advanced medicines and professional care.

Your Compensation Is Guaranteed

For your important service to this very noble endeavor, you will earn generous compensation – guaranteed. You will never be asked to provide proof of insurance or verification of citizenship.

Team Up with Our Clinical Experts

Even if your skin condition has been a struggle, there’s hope on the horizon. Why not put yourself in the best position possible to access new, advanced medications – for free! As part of an important clinical trial, you will be teamed up with experienced health professionals who have led many successful groundbreaking studies. Our investigators and clinical specialists are committed to providing you with the best individual treatment and care in the industry.