Sponsors / CROs

Solidifying Our Strength with Every Success

A cohesive, stable business model makes Cahaba Clinical Research an ideal partner for Sponsors and CROs pursuing superior performance with consistent results. Our experience and focus enable us to recruit high-quality volunteers and develop a strong, deep database. A multi-disciplined staff ensures a wide range of relevant studies.

Well-Equipped for Every Challenge

Sponsors and CROs can feel confident that every study conducted by Cahaba Clinical Research is supported by the latest equipment and support capabilities. Our facility features:

Expanding Our Vision

We look forward to partnering with high quality CROs and Sponsors who, like us, have a forward vision fueled by inquiry and innovation. The inherent strengths we possess point to continued growth and diversity, with expanded opportunities to explore skin treatment advancements that renew hope and change lives.

Doctor and business person shaking hands